What is a Library Page?

The backbone of libraries, Library Pages – also sometimes known as “shelvers” – help to provide public access to library materials by ensuring that all library materials are readily available in an organized and accurate order.

Most of the time, this means that pages are responsible for placing items recently returned by customers in their proper locations on the shelves. For people who love books and enjoy being able to move around all day, read on to see if a career as a library page is for you!

Library Page Salary

Library page salaries vary depending on the budget of their institution. Here are some numbers to help you get a feel for the pay range for this career.

In 2018, the median librarian hourly rate in the United States was around $9.82, with a range from about $7.94 up to $13.13. Assuming 40 hours of work and two weeks of vacation per year, an hourly wage of $9.82, equates to weekly pay of $392.80, a monthly pay of $1,571, and a salary of $20,425, all before taxes.

Here are examples of library page salaries by state:

California: $14.76/hr
Texas: $11.96/hr
Pennsylvania: $8.50/hr

Library Page Job Description

Pages are the people that make it possible for any person to walk into a library and find a book in the exact right place. Materials have to be put in the correct places after being used and returned, accidentally misplaced, or having their location category changed.

Library Page Job Duties

Pages do much of the physical work in libraries such as:

  • Shelve books
  • Create displays
  • Gather books left on carts or around common areas
  • Clean books
  • Help customers find what they’re looking for
  • Be the friendly and helpful face in the stacks to help customers find things.

Library Page Job Requirements

What are the requirements to be a library page? The page position rarely has any learning pre-requisites (other than perhaps institution-specific ergonomic training) and is a great entry-level way to break into the library world! In fact, many people who hope to eventually become librarians find it advantageous to work as a page to have a foot in the door and get experience to compliment their degree.

Library Page Skills

Some skills that employers find especially useful in library pages include:

  • physical fitness (you’ll be on your feet, bending, and stretching frequently)
  • organizational skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • teamwork & collaboration
  • desire to connect people with information

Pros and Cons of Being a Library Page

Getting to be up close and personal with hundreds of books is many people’s dream. If that sounds fun to you, here are some pros and cons of being a library page to help you decide if it’s the right path for you to pursue!:


  • You are surrounded by books!
  • The quietness of your work environment is legendary.
  • ABL. Always. Be. Learning.
  • The most active position in the library.
  • You get to interact with people and guide them to materials.


  • This is generally one of the lower-paid positions in the library.
  • Without a degree, promotion opportunities are limited.
  • The physical nature of the job can be tiring and, in extreme cases, lead to injuries.
  • The industry is facing major challenges, like decreasing visitors.
  • Libraries can have limited budgets and high expectations.

Final Thoughts On Becoming a Library Page

For many people, the laid-back, hands-on job of a page is the ideal way to work in libraries.

Whatever your motivation for thinking about a career in the library, we think you’re on the right track and recommend you consider your options and then pursue the career of your dreams; you have the opportunities to enrich lives.